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EBA Executives Inc is a full service music royalty recovery, artist development, project consulting and entertainment business affairs management company. We are dedicated to guiding the careers of artist, songwriters, music producers and production companies of all categories and/or genres of music. We are committed to providing top grade consultation and highly specialized business affairs management in support of each area of your entertainment experiences. We provide expertise, professionalism, knowledge, and possess the connections that will put our clientele on a path to realizing their music careers and goals are reachable without exhausting unnecessary time or funds.

Our Services

Entertainment Services

Our experts will guide you through every process for your needs, from intellectual property protection to industry contract management.

Business Management

We manage a wide range of clients in the Entertainment industry. Our results are stellar and close to none with our proprietary leadership and strategical processes.

Marketing & Promotion

Marketing is one of our specializations in such a busy and complicated world. Be seen, be heard, and be of value with EBA.

Our Vision

Your vision is our vision. we strive on satisfying you and the team you work with. The music industry is a complex majestical area even for those with the right tools or those with the best talent.  Here at EBA we have the experience to provide you with building blocks you need toward your success. It’s very simple, tell us what you need, and we shall deliver with no hesitation and best results.

Why Choose Us?

Fast & Quick Solutions | Pure Experience | Immediate Results | Astounding Track Record